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High Heels and Their History

High heels were originally invented for men during the 10th century when Peruvian soldiers would ride horses. The heels would help their feet stay secure while riding their horses.

As time went on, heels became worn mostly by royalty. When high heels came back around again in the 19th century, they were worn strictly by women.

Ever since then, high heels have been a fashion staple for women. Heels have gone in and out of popularity, thus evolving over time, but they aren’t ever going away.

When it comes to high heels, there are different styles ranging from stilettos, to pumps, to kitten heels, there’s a style of high heels to fit any woman’s lifestyle. With the shoes being so versatile, it’s no wonder why every woman needs to own a pair of heels.

Woman walking in high heels

What Makes High Heels Attractive?

You may be asking yourself, ‘why do high heels look good?’ and there is some actual science and studies to back why men find women in heels attractive and why women enjoy wearing them. Men and women both find heels attractive for a few reasons.

One reason why women enjoy wearing heels so much is because it makes them feel more elevated and sexy. High heels make you feel taller and stand higher, creating a feeling of confidence that radiates in you when you wear them.

High heels can also enhance a woman’s natural features and make us appear ‘hoisted’, giving us a lifted, youthful look.

Heels change the way women walk. High heels are said to make women appear more ‘feminine’ than when they’re wearing flat shoes.

Women in high heels appear more glamorous than those in flat shoes. Wearing high heels can also give the illusion of longer legs.

When women walk in heels, their hips tend to sway more and women take shorter, more frequent steps. The clicking sound of high heels appeals to our ears and draws our attention to the wearer.

Different Kinds of Heels

If you’re in the market for a new pair of heels, AMRJ Shoe Design makes comfortable designer shoes for every woman.

At AMRJ Shoe Design, we believe you should feel confident that your shoes will provide the support, durability, and comfort you expect from your investment. You should not have to sacrifice style just to get those benefits.

Our goal is to provide mid- to high-end fashion footwear to meet the overwhelming and increasing demand for designer shoes for hard-to-fit feet without sacrificing style for size.

We carry a wide variety of shoes created in our family-owned factory in Italy made from the highest-quality materials for all women.

Our shoes have different details for all women wearing our shoes like ankle straps and pointed toe heels or flats. We also have varying heel heights for our high heeled shoes ranging from a medium heel to a sky high heel.

Our style and designs of our shoes include and are not limited to,

  • Block heels

  • Heeled boots

  • Stiletto heels

Shop our shoes online and make a wise investment that your feet will thank you for every day by purchasing high-quality shoes from AMRJ Shoe Designs.

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