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Designer Shoe Care

Designer goods are an investment that need to be cared for properly, just like a car or piece of property.

Why do you think vintage bags and accessories are so expensive?

The more care they receive, the longer they last, and the more value they acquire!

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How to Care for Designer Shoes

If you want to get the most out of your luxury apparel, particularly your designer shoes, consider these pro care tips:


If anything, make sure that you store your designer shoes in a dry, clean space to prevent anything from damaging them.

A shoe box is the safest way to store designer footwear. While it’s a good idea to slip them in their designated dust bag before putting them in a box, it’s not necessary.

On the other hand, a dust bag is vital while traveling to prevent any damages or scratches during transit.

If you prefer to have them on an open rack or display, consider the temperature, humidity, and overall quality of the environment. Something as little as dust or a cobweb can alter the appearance of your shoes over a long period of time.

Damage Prevention

Designer shoes are handcrafted from raw, luxury materials like leather, suede, silk, and even diamonds, in some cases.

Using treatments to maintain the specific material will extend the overall life of the shoe.

Other preventative products that will enhance the appearance and quality of your designer shoes are waterproof and/or stain resistant solutions.

Some even invest in rubber sole protectors for their highly coveted red bottoms or Gucci loafers.

Product & Maintenance

That pair of Jimmy Choos you worked so hard for aren’t going to maintain themselves.

A car can rust even if you don’t drive it, just like a luxury shoe can deteriorate even if you don’t wear it.

It’s vital to care for your designer shoes even when you aren’t wearing them!

Regularly sift through your collection to prep, spray, and dust the pairs you haven’t touched in a while.

You should be treating your shoes with the proper protectant spray every two to three months, whether they’re made of leather, suede, or whatever else.

Pay attention to the quality of your heel tips and get them replaced as needed so you don’t damage other parts of the shoe while you're wearing them.

Shoe Inspection

Take your shoes to a professional occasionally to monitor their overall condition.

Materials like leather wear easily and can reach a point of no return. If there’s damage that you haven’t noticed, you have a limited time span to take them to your local cobbler for rescue!

How to Protect Designer Shoes

There are many ways to protect your designer shoes from wear and tear.

Spraying your designer shoes with protectant or getting them inspected by a cobbler may be a reach for some of us. However, the extra care is worth it if you’re spending hundreds on a pair.

If you do anything, make sure that you’re storing your designer footwear in a safe space where the quality won’t be altered!

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