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 “beautifully crafted” “undeniably stylish” “strength and stability” “elegantly comfortable”


Customer Reviews

“These shoes make me feel confident and fabulous, ready to take on anything that is thrown at me (uneven pavements, busy commute, crazy work days, evening galas, you name it…!) Being beautifully crafted in Italy, while being undeniably stylish, makes them my favorites!


Angela has set out to provide women with the means to combine the style of the ubiquitous stiletto with strength and stability in a design that remains elegantly comfortable through the day and into the evening.....and she has magnificently succeeded!”


- Izetta E. Phillips

“One of the hottest designers to hit the stage in 2019, Angela Reid-James created AMRJ Shoe Designs when she arrived on the scene and noticed a gap in the market for beautiful, sexy shoe-ware for larger size feet. AMRJ’s original iconic line is hand-made in Italy, where every single component is sourced there, including premium Italian leather, Italian fabrics and an innovative shoe shank perceived by Angela and her mentor Mark, which helps support the heel of the larger shoe sizes."

Each design offers a beautifully sculpted masterpiece, accentuating the entire leg and body. Finally, beautiful footwear for the forgotten shoe sizes!”


- Loretta Zolliecoffer

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