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How To Match Your Shoes with Your Outfit

If you have a closet for your shoes, then you likely don’t even know how many pairs you have. But, with so many textures, styles, and colors to choose from, who can blame you?

Shoes are an endless accessory that can complete any outfit.

Add flair to a simple outfit by pairing it with some strappy sandals. Add simplicity to an extravagant outfit by pairing it with a classic stiletto.

Shoes can get damaged if you don’t properly care for them, but they never shrink in the dryer, and they always fit.

While every pair tells a story, only a limited few belong with certain outfits.

Matching Shoes to Outfit

Here’s the ultimate guide on how to match your shoes with your outfit:

When in Doubt, Keep it Neutral

Finding the right pair of shoes can take longer than putting an outfit together.

If you’re constantly going back and forth between shoe styles and colors, keep it simple and neutral.

Colors like black, tan, cream, and grey will top off an outfit more seamlessly than you think.

person sitting on the floor with shoes and a phone in hand

Overmatching is Overwhelming

While an outfit requires some matching, too much matching is overwhelming.

Unless you’re going for an all-black look, matching your red dress to your red pumps will ultimately make you look dull. Wearing a pop of color, like cream or white, will make your red dress stand out.

If you have the right accessories, you can mix like colors together. Otherwise, too much of the same color in your entire outfit is overkill!

Simplify Patterns

You don’t have to work too hard to make a fashion statement. However, pairing a plaid dress with plaid flats will not give you the attention that you’re looking for.

If you want to include patterns and prints in your ensemble, make sure that you’re only doing it with one garment, like a jacket, hat, sweater, and so on.

Pair your favorite cheetah print booties with a neutral-toned outfit for just the right balance.

Contrasting Colors

person laying on the ground with shoes all around

Even though contrasting colors are opposite of each other on the color wheel, they make each other stand out in an outfit.

The shoe colors on the left mesh with the outfit colors on the right:

  • Red Shoes: pink, orange, black, white, neutral, navy

  • Orange Shoes: blue, white, red, yellow

  • Yellow Shoes: blue, black, white, green

  • Green Shoes: brown, black, blue, yellow, neutrals

  • Blue Shoes: yellow, brown, white, green, neutrals

  • Purple Shoes: navy, pink, green, neutrals

  • Silver Shoes: white, red, navy, black, purple, neutrals

  • Gold Shoes: black, red, white, blue, burgundy, emerald

Detailed Texture

person walking on a street with heels and a bag

If you’re excited about your new pair of fringe, metallic, or sequin shoes, keep your outfit as simple as possible!

Flashy, textured shoes are meant to be the focal point of your outfit.

If you’re worried about patterns or contrasting colors, spice up your closet with some textured footwear and let the shoes speak for themselves.

Whether you’re looking for a simple or exotic pair, AMRJ Shoe Designs has the quality footwear your outfit needs to stand out, every time.

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