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AMRJ Shoe Designs

Try us on for size!

Whether you have a formal event to attend or you just want to complete the perfect office attire, AMRJ Shoe Designs has the fashion footwear you will surely love.


Comfortable Designer Shoes for Every Woman

Our Mission

At AMRJ Shoe Designs, we believe you should feel confident that your shoes will provide the support, durability, and comfort you expect from your investment. We also believe that you should not have to sacrifice style just to get those benefits. 


That’s why AMRJ Shoe Designs does not simply make larger shoes for the larger size foot. Our shoes are designed with the hard-to-fit foot wearer in mind!

Amaya Taupe Designer Shoes For Women | AMRJ Shoe Design

Our Commitment


Our goal is to provide mid- to high-end fashion footwear to meet the overwhelming and increasing demand for designer shoes for hard-to-fit feet.


Our designs range from edgy to elegant, sophisticated, sexy, stylish, relevant, raw, cutting-edge and classic. The bottom line - we won’t sacrifice style for size!


AMRJ Shoe Designs does not simply make larger shoes for larger feet. What sets us apart is our commitment to the wearer! Our shoes are made in a family-owned factory in Italy, with only the highest-quality materials. Shoe runs are made in small-enough quantities to allow for hands-on inspection of the smallest details. We won’t sacrifice or diminish the quality of our shoes with rushed or cheap mass productions. 


Included in all of the shoes is a specially designed reinforced shank to provide increased stability and support. The heels on the larger sizes are made specifically for the size of the shoe; most contain steel reinforcement for stability and endurance. All shoes include built-in padding for all-day comfort for the wearer. We make our shoes with you in mind!

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